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Based on 26 reviews
Monica Taggart
Monica Taggart
March 19, 2024
Dr.Dionne was able to make a same day visit to our apartment to help lay our dog to rest. She was so easy to talk to and led us through the process with ease and compassion. It takes a truly gifted person to do this job and she’s one of them! She also offers the private cremation service which we opted for . I recommend her to anyone needing an at home service.
Harmony Blanco Gonzalez
Harmony Blanco Gonzalez
October 27, 2023
Dr. Dionne is wonderful. Her demeanor is calm and compassionate. She made one of the most difficult days in our lives easier. She is so personable and walked us through each step. I would recommend her 100%.
James Mcconnell
James Mcconnell
September 12, 2023
Sad that we needed this company but she was very comforting in our sad time. Came to the house and was very professional.
Ellen King
Ellen King
March 17, 2023
Wonderful Dr D. very empathetic and loving. I would certainly recommend her when your adored pet needs to go to the next adventure. She is the best.
Jill DeLage
Jill DeLage
February 8, 2023
Dr Dionne Harrell helped us say goodbye to two of our beloved cats this year. She was so wonderful and caring, it was a real comfort to have her there to help us say our farewells. She’s simply a wonderful person. I would highly recommend her.
Julie Walding
Julie Walding
November 28, 2022
Dr. Dionne is the best! She makes a hard situation the best it can possibly be. She is calm and caring. She came to our home when we had to put our 14 year old dog down. She gave us all the time we needed and talked us through it all. Would highly recommend, Love her!
Mark Kixx
Mark Kixx
August 4, 2022
Dr. Dionne has been taking care of our cats and dogs for many years. We loved that she would come right to the house. It reduced the stress on us almost as much as it did on the cats & dogs. She was even there for us when we had to put one of our dogs to rest. She really is wonderful.
Jutta Hartlaub
Jutta Hartlaub
June 1, 2022
Dr Dionne is the best Vet in town. Why you ask ?she is so personable with her patients along with there owners I've had the pleasure of having her care for many of my pets over the last 20 years..she's kind and happy to see your fur baby..
lori papp
lori papp
May 19, 2022
Best Vet ever!

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At Cherished Companion Mobile Veterinary Service, we are committed to providing personalized end-of-life care for pets. Our site includes important information about us and the services we offer.

This time in your life is already difficult without the uncomfortable feelings you would experience traveling to, being at, and getting home from a veterinarian’s office. Our goal is to help keep this about you and your beloved dog or cat, without all the outside distractions.

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Our Service Area

We invite pet owners from the communities of South Pasadena, Treasure Island, St. Pete Beach, Pass-a-Grille, Gulfport, & Seminole. Outlying areas may be considered (at an additional cost based on mileage). Call us today!

Doctor Dionne with Cat in Clinic

A little about us…

Cherished Companion Mobile Veterinary Service was established in 2005 by Dr. Dionne A Harrell. She graduated from Tuskegee University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1998 with a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Harrell worked for several years at a veterinary clinic before starting up her mobile vet service which helped her to become the perceptive and astute Veterinarian she is today.

Dr. Harrell provided wellness exams, vaccines, lab work, minor surgeries as well as diagnostic exams (ill pet), and end of life care (Euthanasia) from 2005-June 2022 in Wisconsin. With over 17 years of house call general practice experience Dr. Harrell could see first-hand the need for personal and private care for both the owner and their cherished companion in their final moments. With Dr. Harrell’s relocation to Florida, she decided to help fill the need for so many pet parents and their fur babies to be at home and decided to transition from general practice to fully focus on end-of-life care.

Our Euthanasia Services

Why Pet Euthanasia At Home?

  • The vet’s office is associated with unfamiliar smells, thermometers, and white coats. Even though pets do not understand or anticipate death, they do anticipate discomfort.
  • At home, your pet is at his or her most comfortable. They don’t need to leave their favorite spot in the sun or move when they are in pain.
  • You can be there by yourself or with the whole extended family. You can take your time, plus you don’t need to drive home afterward.
  • Death is a major life transition. Euthanasia at home minimizes the medical aspect of this transition and allows you to focus on your pet.
  • You can have the option to have our veterinarian come into your home. Cherished Companion is a unique service in that you also have the option to bring your pet into our mobile clinic van if you prefer the procedure is not done directly in your home, but still at your front door.
Cherished Companion Mobile Vet Senior Lab Dog

Debra’s Experience

I’ve been a client of Cherished Companion for many years. Dr. Dionne helped welcome home my 3mo.old boy named Tanner. With Her medical advice and care Tanner was a happy and healthy dog. As the years went by Tanner developed arthritis though out his body. The last 2yrs. of his life he had two mini strokes. At the age of 14 and a half. I made the decision to put him to rest. The night before Dr. Dionne was to arrive. Tanner had another mini stroke; thankfully we didn’t have to try and get him to a clinic. Dr. Dionne’s Cherished Companion mobile allowed my husband and I to say goodbye and Tanner could feel safe being at home as he started his journey. I will see you again Tanner at the bridge.

Cherished Companion Mobile Vet Senior Cat