Holiday Do’s and Dont’s

  • Don’t feed your dog or cat table scraps.
  • Don’t allow your pets access to bones especially those from turkeys, chickens or ham.
  • Do not hesitate to put your dog in a quiet room if you are having a house full of company and he/she gets anxious from all of the activity. It is much safer for all to protect your pet.
  • Watch any interactions between small children and pet’s, be ready to intervene if needed for everyone’s safety.
  • Don’t put tinsel on your Christmas tree. Cats are highly attracted to it, and often times will try to eat it. If they succeed, it may get tangled in the intestines and require surgery to remove it. Curling ribbon also gives the same results.
  • Do put a sweater, jacket, boots, hats or any clothing on your dog before putting outdoors.
  • As guests come and go, make sure you know where your pet is. You do not want it to get outside accidentally when guests arrive or leave.
  • DO NOT GIVE YOUR PET CHOCOLATE! Do be aware where you leave it as well.
  • Check out the website for additional safety measures you should look out for such as Poinsettia Plants and much more.